History, culture, food, wine, sports, art, antiques, music … every topic is covered here. There is so much to see and do in this region, that you can go on for months. Click on the links below to get inspired:

Todi: https://www.coopculture.it/en/city/todi/

• Umbria: en.wikipedia.org

• Todi: en.wikipedia.org

• Perugia: en.wikipedia.org

• Orvieto: en.wikipedia.org

• Montefalco (Wine!): en.wikipedia.org

• Assisi: en.wikipedia.org

• Lago Trasimeno: en.wikipedia.org

• Waterfall near Terni: en.wikipedia.org

Italys largest waterfall, Cascata delle Marmore, lies east of Terni. Excavated around 200 B.C. between the rivers Velino og Nera. Distance from the house is 70 km – it takes approx. an hour.


Visit this small but remarkable place just a 15 minute drive up the hill:


Book a short tour via email and end it with a tasting of different sorts of their delicious goat cheese!